Little Hoole Parish Council Funds New Bus Shelters in Walmer Bridge

Little Hoole Parish Council Funds New Bus Shelters in Walmer Bridge

5th of December, 2023

In a move aimed at improving local infrastructure and ensuring the safety and convenience of commuters, Little Hoole Parish Council has decided to replace two aging bus shelters along Liverpool Old Road in Walmer Bridge. The initiative will be funded through the Community Infrastructure Levy monies, demonstrating the parish council's commitment to enhancing community amenities.

The two bus shelters selected for replacement are situated next to Holgate's Butchers and the Walmer Bridge Inn. Recognising the importance of these bus shelters for the local community, the parish council carefully evaluated the need for new shelters. A noteworthy aspect of this decision is South Ribble Borough Council's recent shift in policy, which now requires the replacement of bus shelters with only a bus stop sign.

The new shelters will not only provide a comfortable waiting area for passengers but will also serve as a visual indicator of recognised bus stops. The utilisation of Community Infrastructure Levy monies for this project reflects the parish council's commitment to investing in its community.

The new bus shelters will be installed between the 13th and 15th of December 2023 and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to commuters. However, once the new shelters are installed we think you will agree that they contribute to the overall improvement of our community infrastructure as well as fostering a sense of pride and well-being among the residents of Little Hoole Parish.

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