Where does the money come from?

Each year, the parish council calculates what it needs to spend the following year and receives a share of the Council Tax which is collected by the Borough or the County council. The Parish council can also apply for other funding, such as grants, but it does not receive any direct funding from central government.

This is your opportunity to discover what your Parish Council is doing for your community. And why. Here you can read the minutes of their meetings, discover what the Council can do and find out who your Councillors are. It makes sense to know what happens to your Council Tax.

Your Parish Councillors

Councillors are elected to represent the views of their constituents and to conduct council business on their behalf, as well as guiding the overall policies of the council. They make policy decisions, based on public opinion and relevant advice. Council staff are responsible for carrying out these decisions.

The council also consults with local people on a range of issues and works closely with other organisations and government bodies. Councillors are usually elected for a four-year term.

What does the Parish Council Clerk do?

The Clerk to the Council is usually the only paid employee on the Council and is not a Councillor. He/she does not have the right to vote and must carry out the Council’s decision even if he/she may disagree with that decision (unless the decision is unlawful).


  • Carries out policy decisions made by the Parish Council
  • Is the chief administrative officer and is responsible for seeing that the business of the Parish Council runs smoothly and in accordance with the law
  • Is responsible for managing the financial transactions of the Parish Council and keeping appropriate records of such
  • Carries out all clerical and secretarial tasks for the Parish Council
  • Guides and advises the Parish Council on matters of law and procedure and so must keep up-to-date with any new, relevant legislation.

Our Achievements

We were winners of the Medium Village section in the Best-Kept Village Competition 2015, your Parish Council is helping to make a village to be proud of.